Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Dari Geylang ke Putrajaya..

Alhamdulillah..last weekend we went to Singapore again..and hopefully this isnt the last time here for 2008..hehe. This time, inteam was invited to perform in a dinner show of Madrasah Wak Tanjung..somewhere in Geylang..the same Madrasah that we came about 4 month ago..

Depart from KL a little bit late..(2 a.m)..we proceed to Melaka to pick up Syahril who waited in Alor Gajah's exit. He was there bcoz her 'humaira' was 'local citizensip' of Ramuan Cina Besar..not far away from the exit. We proceed to Singapore but stop for Subuh at JB..and then having 'sarapan' at JB's too.

After passing thru a routine security and imigration check at Woodlands,we proceeded to Yishun.. where our accomodation takes place..(Abg Zack's house). During this visit..the extraordinary things which not yet happen in any past visit was a bowling tournament..hehe

We was told earlier about the tournament..but no one was actually responded..where everyone feel shy and having a low self-esteem syndrome (just a joke)..but it wasnt a joke when we arrived there..where the looks of other competitors was threatening..they came like a champions with their respective enhanced bowling equipment..unlike us..

The one with the specs was awarded as the Best Bowlers..trust me even its hard to believe it..hihi

Above pic was taken before the game started..anyone can traced those uncalmness in me? hehe..dont get cheated with the smiles huh..i was the most 'gelebah' person before the game started..but u got to belive me..we won 2nd place..where we were the leading group at the first game..but as soon as the second game started..the tension of being a leading group surrounded us..that makes us not performing..but..huh..alhamdulillah..with no physical practice and internal calmness..we still can make it..thanks abg zack for those sweet and unforgetable memories..we look forward for another more challenging one..hehe xdelah..gurau je..

From the bowling centre..we rush back to Yishun and prepare for the show..everyone started feel the pain and tired..but the job must get done..involving several MP's of Singapore..we decided to get to the venue earlier..

After 7 songs..and having a dinner with a halal chinese cuisine..we proceed to Palmer Road for our beloved Habib Nuh tomb..we felt sad because the gate was closed as early as 9pm but we only there  2 hours after that..its too late..but late is better than never. May the recitation dedicated to al Habib and Doa to Allah with the barakah of this pious man will being accepted.amin..ana musytaq ilaik Ya habib..

From Singapore..Putrajaya is my next destination..but i went back first for some rest and pick my family along there..It was the special day of Siti Sakinah (my nephew) and his husband Aidil...the majlis takes place at the Presint Diplomatik, Putrajaya where i was told that this places locates all the high commissioners and ambassadors at one city...it was a beautiful place..too.

After having a lauk kenduri..i was asked to lead the doa for the bride..huh..me again..and this is where 3g phone was fully utilized in which i can just copy all the doa's into the piece of paper and read it like i'm the one who wrote it..hehe..but the..the most important thing is the ameen of the guest on that day for the bride..and that's why guest are there..to make a pray for the bride..

The pic of Ct Sakinah&Aidil with her father,moms and siblings..Selamat Pengantin Baru..

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dah ke putrajaya... tanak singgah cyberjaya ke.. :)